A blogspot template is designed for teachers who want to create their own website so students can take online exams and exchange ideas to improve their learning. VTest Online will help teachers create places for their students to practice their online quiz skills on their laptops or mobile phones. This will help students and teachers to interact wherever they are.

This template integrates an effective multiple choice test with a pre-set time, after which students will be able to view test scores and correct answers to multiple-choice questions. This helps students enrich their knowledge through multiple-choice questions and is a place for all students in the class to help all students exchange and learn.

VTest Online Blogger Template

It is a responsive template, compatible with all mobile devices

VTest Online Blogger Template
- Built-in multiple choice test. Have time to do the test and score.
- Mobile friendly interface (Responsive Template Blogspot)
- Have online support box
- Effects for beautiful questions.
- Search results right on blog.
- Fast speed, optimized mobile devices and browsers
- All code is embedded directly in the template so it is not dependent on 3rd party
- Fully integrated Like, Share facebook and facebook comments
- Optimized source code helps improve SEO faster
- Compatible with many different browsers Firefox, Google Chrome, IE ... both on mobile
- Paging on the professional label page
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Author: Nguyen Van Dinh
Template Name: VTest Online
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